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GIS Day 2023: 2 days, 17 schools and 600 visitors

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After a break of several years, we are returning to the tradition of the GIS Days event in Liberec, which is popular among primary and secondary schools. This year's event, already the twentieth year, introduced the work with GIS by five partners: the Regional Authority of the Liberec Region, the Liberec City Council, the Fire Rescue Corps of the Czech Republic and the Army of the Czech Republic, all under the leadership of the Faculty of Science, Humanities and Pedagogy of the Liberec Technical University.

The event is part of our efforts to help schools and their teachers engage in modern education methods and geographical research. Digital geography (GIS, DPZ) and cartography are topics of our university teaching and research. We have prepared an introductory presentation of the program in the auditorium for schools first. This is followed by a free program comprising short assignments designed by all event partners. The worksheet guides the pupils between the GIS Day sites and is a basis for reviewing the knowledge acquired when they are back with their teachers in the schools.

Among the activities prepared for schools this year is a new data portal of the Liberec Region, a topographic station for soldiers, and a GIS and mapping centre for the fire dispatch centre. Two giant floor maps of the Czech Republic and Liberec were placed on the floor to introduce visitors to remote sensing. Right next to them were models of the region's landscape below Ještěd printed on 3D printers. The tasks showing digital tools, GIS and maps in spatial planning at the Liberec City Hall were also a great success. All visitors were able to learn about methods of collecting data from citizens and try out the use of such a tool for the joint creation of a web map by visitors to the GIS Days.

Liberec GIS Days have many aspects that make the event attractive, beneficial and popular. The regular closing ceremony includes a photo session immediately after the last visitor leaves.

Information about the GIS Days 2023 course is available on the event website, together with an extensive photo gallery prepared by Ondřej Lesák, a geography student at the TUL FP. We will inform you about the preparation of the event's next edition in the same place in due course.

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