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Where do geoinformaticians find their jobs?

| Aktuality

Studying at university is sometimes a mass of theory, in which students lose sight of their career after graduation. How to compensate for this? By visiting institutes with professionals who have studied similar programs and are now developing them in projects, business, and corporate management. For the students of our GIS and Remote Sensing courses, we have prepared an excursion to ARCDATA PRAHA and CENIA.

 Seeing and hearing from people who have found applications for their geography and geoinformatics degrees may be inspiring enough to influence their further studies and search for an employer. The problem with Czech society, in general, is that it needs to appreciate the geographic profession fully. On the other hand, GIS and Remote Sensing experts are currently employed and looking for new positions by hundreds of employers from the commercial to the public sphere - even in Czechia.

And what did the students appreciate most about their visits to both institutions? For example, the offer of internships and consultancies. But also demonstrations of projects they have worked on.